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I’m Married. I’m Married!

Holy crap, I’m married! I thought maybe I would feel older. Wiser? More sophisticated? (well maybe I do feel a bit more sophisticated…) More mature? But pretty much I feel just like myself, except more awesome. I’ll take it!!!

I’ve been totally MIA, I know, but for good reason! I have been planning a wedding ceremony, then a month later a wedding reception. My husband and I like doing things OUR way, so this wasn’t the standard “glorious little girl’s dream pink + white wedding”. Not that I have anything against that! Just wasn’t for us…

So now I’m back to blogging, because I love this blog! It’s a fun outlet for things I like and recipes I’ve tried and workouts I recommend, and I like all the friends I’ve made on here and seeing what they’re up to. I’ve also tried to keep this blog pretty anonymous, but I think I’m going to have to share on here something I’m SO proud of – our WEDDING CEREMONY VIDEO. Maybe then I can regain those blog-friends I’ve neglected in the past 2 months?!

Please enjoy our love video…we showed this at our reception in September.


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I’m baaaaack!!!

First off, thanks to you all for not forgetting about me! I tried my best to keep posting pictures whenever I had a spare moment, so hopefully everyone who looked enjoyed them. Needless to say, I had an amazing experience in Europe. We ended up traveling from Paris, to Burgundy, to Gap, to Briançon (both in the Haut des Alpes in France), to Torino, to Zürich, then back to Paris. It was an awesome adventure that I’ll never forget, obviously – I don’t think it’s possible to forget getting proposed to on the Pont des Arts bridge on the Seine….

I am SOOO looking forward to reading everyone’s recent blog posts and catching up with everything. I’m not back to work today yet (jet-lag recovery) so hopefully I can get thru a lot. Yay! Here’s a video that is not only beautiful, but represents the way I feel right now.. 🙂

Annabelle – The Serpentine Dance, from an 1894 silent film:

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Love Ever After Project

This is so heartwarming. I found out about this project called Love Ever After from the Cheekytree Blog – thank you so much for posting this! So, long story short, Love Ever After is an art book project currently in the process of being created by Lauren Fleishman. Basically, she is putting together stories and photographs of couples in New York that have been married for 50+ years. You can learn more about her project, as well as donating to help fund it HERE.

The video will give you a much better glimpse into the heart of this book, it’s very sweet…Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 (*video won’t embed properly, so either click on the picture, or the link below the picture!)

photo credit to Lauren Fleishman

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The Power of Words

I really enjoyed this short film…thought you might too 🙂

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Charlie Chaplin Speech

Thanks to thedrinkinghat for posting this awesome speech by Charlie Chaplin. It’s from the Great Dictator (1940). This video is in-line with my earlier post of Ally Hamilton’s Ted Talk, and it kind of boggles my mind that this video is from 1940, and Ally’s is from 2011. You could look at this in one of two ways: 1) people have been saying the same things for years…apparently we are a stubborn, selfish group of people who are unwilling to change our ways, or 2) more and more people are starting to say the same things, which is great, because perhaps we can all unite and start really taking care of each other. I believe the latter; I really want to believe the latter. I have faith in humans because no matter what religion you are, I believe we are all of the same flesh, all connected, all one with one another and mother nature. It’s a beautiful thing and hearing speeches such as this one, and Ally’s, continues to remind me to help where I can and try to be more understanding and accepting of others.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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A Better Life

A BETTER LIFE, This is my vote for movie of the year 2011. I loved it.

via A Better Life Facebook Page

Screw the film critic review by Betsey Sharkey of the LA Times – apparently she falls flat while watching the movie,  but this has nothing to do with the movie itself. This film is real and emotional. About a Mexican immigrant and his son living in East LA, the father, played by Demián Bichir (nominated for an Oscar!!), is a gardener doing his best to provide a better life for him and his son. His son, played by José Julián, is struggling to figure out who he is, while being pressed by the intense pressures of Mexican gangs. I’m not going to go into too much detail (I don’t want to pretend like I’m a film critic because I’m most certainly NOT one), but this movie will pull you in, tangle up all your heartstrings, and then spit you back out. In the best way possible.

2 thumbs up!! Go rent it from Netflix ASAP!!

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