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I’m baaaaack!!!

First off, thanks to you all for not forgetting about me! I tried my best to keep posting pictures whenever I had a spare moment, so hopefully everyone who looked enjoyed them. Needless to say, I had an amazing experience in Europe. We ended up traveling from Paris, to Burgundy, to Gap, to Briançon (both in the Haut des Alpes in France), to Torino, to Zürich, then back to Paris. It was an awesome adventure that I’ll never forget, obviously – I don’t think it’s possible to forget getting proposed to on the Pont des Arts bridge on the Seine….

I am SOOO looking forward to reading everyone’s recent blog posts and catching up with everything. I’m not back to work today yet (jet-lag recovery) so hopefully I can get thru a lot. Yay! Here’s a video that is not only beautiful, but represents the way I feel right now.. 🙂

Annabelle – The Serpentine Dance, from an 1894 silent film:

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