Charlie Chaplin Speech

Thanks to thedrinkinghat for posting this awesome speech by Charlie Chaplin. It’s from the Great Dictator (1940). This video is in-line with my earlier post of Ally Hamilton’s Ted Talk, and it kind of boggles my mind that this video is from 1940, and Ally’s is from 2011. You could look at this in one of two ways: 1) people have been saying the same things for years…apparently we are a stubborn, selfish group of people who are unwilling to change our ways, or 2) more and more people are starting to say the same things, which is great, because perhaps we can all unite and start really taking care of each other. I believe the latter; I really want to believe the latter. I have faith in humans because no matter what religion you are, I believe we are all of the same flesh, all connected, all one with one another and mother nature. It’s a beautiful thing and hearing speeches such as this one, and Ally’s, continues to remind me to help where I can and try to be more understanding and accepting of others.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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