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Life is to LIVE!

New goals are good to have, but don’t ever forget that life is meant to be enjoyed! Don’t stress over the little things. If you get off track, acknowledge it, but get right back on and continue moving forward toward your destination. If it’s worth it to you, you’ll get there.


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It’s Always Possible.


Ain’t that the truth! There are always going to be people who don’t “believe” you can do it, people who like to stomp on your dreams when they’re in only in the infant stages, but what those people don’t know is that only pushes me to strive harder. Try harder. Push the limits. And you know what I’ve learned? It’s ALWAYS possible. Always. In some way, shape, or form, you can always achieve your dreams.

A few things that are happening here in Los Angeles:

  1. It’s raining. YES! This is super exciting especially since we’ve had such a hot & muggy summer here on the westside. I’m ready for autumn.
  2. 7 days ago my husband and I started a 21-day plan to ground ourselves & meditate EVERY morning FIRST thing in the morning. You know that whole thing about being able to start or stop a habit in 21-days? Well, we’re giving that a shot, and it’s going great so far. I have no trouble with grounding myself in the morning, but my meditation is a little more difficult since I’m up early and usually on a tight schedule. It’s sort of turned into a grounding/meditation/yoga/stretching series for me, but if I’m still able to feel calm and clear minded afterwards, then it’s still serving it’s purpose.
  3. I read an amazing book that I highly recommend. It’s written by my friend and past co-worker from the gym, and I’m not just endorsing it because of those reasons. I read books often, and this one is excellent. It’s thoughtful, action-packed, and you won’t be able to put it down. Check it out on the kindle,  or hard copy: Luthecker by Keith Domingue! (Check out this review from hopelessly devoted bibliophile)

Now, on to planning my next few “impossibles” to make them “possible”…

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Wedding Card Crafting

I love cards. I love buying or making the perfect cards for my friends on special occasions, or just because. I love receiving cards. I adore them in all their shapes and sizes and colors and glitter and jewels and simplicity. And we have a HUGE stack of wedding cards that I have been trying to think of what to do with. Well, I got inspired the other day and have started on my next crafting project. I actually don’t think it’ll take me too long to complete, so here I will share some pictures of the beginnings of our booklet of wedding cards:

I still have to decorate the front, but you get the idea 🙂 Front & back are 5×8 pieces of grungeboard, and I’m cutting all the cards down so that they will fit. The toughest part of this project is making everything fit nicely & efficiently so this booklet isn’t super huge. Although, I think I’m going to have to swap out those binder rings for bigger ones.

A work in progress: cutting everything down to fit and making sure we don’t cut out a crucial part of the card or message.

One of my favorite cards from my mom & dad: “Two wonderful people…one sweet life.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am about our wedding card booklet! Now I won’t have a box full of these beautiful cards from the beautiful people in our lives that I rarely ever look at. This booklet can sit on our bookshelf next to our photo albums and can be browsed regularly. YAY!

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I’m Married. I’m Married!

Holy crap, I’m married! I thought maybe I would feel older. Wiser? More sophisticated? (well maybe I do feel a bit more sophisticated…) More mature? But pretty much I feel just like myself, except more awesome. I’ll take it!!!

I’ve been totally MIA, I know, but for good reason! I have been planning a wedding ceremony, then a month later a wedding reception. My husband and I like doing things OUR way, so this wasn’t the standard “glorious little girl’s dream pink + white wedding”. Not that I have anything against that! Just wasn’t for us…

So now I’m back to blogging, because I love this blog! It’s a fun outlet for things I like and recipes I’ve tried and workouts I recommend, and I like all the friends I’ve made on here and seeing what they’re up to. I’ve also tried to keep this blog pretty anonymous, but I think I’m going to have to share on here something I’m SO proud of – our WEDDING CEREMONY VIDEO. Maybe then I can regain those blog-friends I’ve neglected in the past 2 months?!

Please enjoy our love video…we showed this at our reception in September.


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Idiot Boyfriend

Who else thinks this is hilarious?! I know I’m a little late here, but just heard this song the other day and am currently obsessed. I love Jimmy Fallon!

Idiot Boyfriend Lyrics


I know what you want, and I know what you need
But I’m goin’ screw it up, yeah
Cause I’m an idiot, and I’m your boyfriend, yes I am

I’m goin’ take you out, and leave my wallet home
Then I use your cell phone, baby
Long distance, and I’m your boyfriend

Baby I know I’m a man who’s made mistakes
I still got some learning to do
I made out with your best friend the other day, and
Now we’re best friends too
Yeah Yeah

And I know what you want, and I know what you need
But I’m goin’ screw it up, yeah
Cause I’m an idiot, and I’m your boyfriend, yes I am

And I’m goin’ get you a gift, Hey! But its something I like too
Hope you like this Norelco Beard Trimmer with my name on it,
And I’m your boyfriend

Hey Deh Deh Deh Deh Deh
Yeah deh deh deh deh deh deh
deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh

Goin’ Get real drunk,
And call my baby up at four o’clock in the morning
Wake you up
I’m an idiot!

Pick up the phone, come on
Now Look
Lets get in my dad’s SUV,
And we’ll go over to my house, my crib, my pad
I’ll tell my mom to go to sleep
Then we’ll have the living room all to ourselves, you see
We’ll put on some great DVD’s I picked up
How bout like, something like the Matrix


I can turn my boom box up, and make the bass
Smack the side of my moms couch

Hey baby you like fine cooking? Cause you know what?
I got a swanson’s dinner in the freezer with your name on it
Check it out


I got a permanent wave, yeah!
I got an ogilvie home perm, baby

Uh! I Honk the horn can you honk the horn?
Can you honk the horn?
Let me hear you honk it! Come on!

Let me hear you say uh uh!
Let me hear you say uh uh uh!
Let me see you say uh uh!
Let me hear you say uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh yeah!
Let me hear you say uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh yeah!

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Love me…

I adore this quote…it couldn’t be more true!

quote tag can be purchased at the paper boat press shop

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Happy Father’s Day!

Just got back from a feast and fun with my mom, dad, and sister. We did shrimp/red pepper/mushroom skewers, grilled salmon, and the indescribable summer squash from earlier this week. So good. I love my family.


So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Look who just finished up at the Dogromat….

Bella thinks she’s so sexy, and obviously so fresh and so clean, clean…gotta love Outkast!

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I Love Anthropologie – semi annual clearance sale!

Hello one of my most favorite stores ever (Anthropologie)! I love that you’re having your semi-annual clearance sale!!

Some goodies:

Sprightly Top $68.00 $39.95

Rose & Gold Slip Dress – $198.00 $99.95

Zelda Maillot – $178.00 $89.95

On The Rise Wine Glass – $18.00 $9.95

Cucina Measuring Cups – $32.00 $19.95

Pure & Good Candle Jar – $20.00 $12.95

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