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Sprüngli – Zürich

The most heavenly place on earth…

So after my fiancé and I left Burgundy, we went on our adventure thru the French Alps, Turin, and came to settle for a couple of nights in Zürich, Switzerland. A friend of mine was born and raised there, and we felt like this was as good a time as any to see Zürich, and to catch up with my friend!

One of the first things she showed us was the Sprüngli (aka best truffles ever) shop. Wow. It will blow your mind, and frankly, I am shocked there are not a few within the whole vicinity of Los Angeles County…! The Swiss really know and love their chocolate. I mean, you have to see the gas stations there – they carve out entire aisles for all the various flavors of Lindt chocolate!

The best part about Sprüngli is definitely the quality –  the infamous Truffes du Jour – fresh made truffles every morning, and when they sell out, well, that’s all folks! The second best part about Sprüngli is the presentation, which you can see from the pictures…you can practically smell the chocolates. Ahhh, so many choices, so little time…

So many choices, so little time!

We definitely got those cute little boxes of "Truffes du Jour"!

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