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Candle Lighter Award & Our Lovely Blog Award

So many awards in this blog-world! A big, huge thanks to Brian Baker at B.B. Baker, An Inked Life for nominating me for these two awards in addition to the Liebster Award! Since I have already received a Liebster Award, I will defer to my last acceptance here.

The Candle Lighter Award is for “blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog”. You can read about its creation here. I couldn’t find details on the Our Lovely Blog Award, but I’m assuming it is given to all blogs I find lovely 🙂 There aren’t any questions to be asked/answered, just to recognize whoever you think deserves these recognitions!

Now to spread the love & to introduce some of you to some awesome blogs, here are the blogs that really light my candle and I look forward to reading on a daily basis:

1. DOGDAZ – for animal lovers!

2. Mirth and Motivation – truly motivating and inspiring stuff!

3. Tiny Kitchen Stories – for food lovers!

4. Stripped Canvas – for artists!

5. Manipal’s Photo Blog – for photographers!

ENJOY, my friends!

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