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So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Look who just finished up at the Dogromat….

Bella thinks she’s so sexy, and obviously so fresh and so clean, clean…gotta love Outkast!

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New Friends

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday afternoon. My sister and I both went over to my parent’s place and introduced our dogs/puppies. They became fast friends even though mine is about 4 and a half years old, and hers is 3 months. Here are some cool pictures of them together:

Hi, I’m Bella. Woof, I’m Luna!

Wow, you’re so BIG. C’mon, let’s play!!

Yippee!! This is fun!!

Whew that was exhausting. Let’s take a power nap so we can play again in 10 minutes!!

Needless to say, Bella and Luna are new best friends 🙂  It’ll be interesting when Luna grows into her full size…she’ll probably be about Bella’s size, or maybe a bit smaller.

In the evening, my dad whipped up some asparagus risotto (risotto is his specialty!) and we had some Italian wine to go with it. Delicious!!

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