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The Perils of Having a Yard Sale

We have been SO busy lately! Between planning our wedding bash and working, we also coordinated a block yard sale this past Saturday. This was the perfect excuse to clean some junk out and to make a little extra cash to put in the “wedding bash fund”. It went well, we made close to $200 which was exciting considering we would’ve just given everything away to the Goodwill. The day was fun spent chatting with neighbors and friends.

It was kind of a bummer when 2 unfortunate things happened to me. #1: I got bit by some kind of insect that hates me, and #2: Somebody stole my watch from the yard sale.

#1: I wouldn’t even bring this up, but I got bit all over my legs, and one spot in particular on my left ankle began to swell up and hurt like heck. I actually just got back from the doctor now – he lanced my bite, put me on two different antibiotics, and sent a culture to the lab to figure out what kind of venom was in my body. Yuck. (I won’t include pictures of this, for your sake.)

#2: Someone stole my watch, that I was selling, at my yard sale. WTF? I was kind of proud of myself too. It was an awesome PUMA watch that I decided to sell for no less than $10, because  I figured if I didn’t sell it I would just keep it. I have tons of watches and never wear that one anymore, but seeing as how I sell EVERYTHING else for $0.50 to $1, I was kind of proud of myself for sticking to my guns and not selling to buyers who wanted to negotiate with me. Then, a few hours in, I noticed my watch had disappeared. Really buddy, did you REALLY just steal a watch that was sitting next to my old Beavis keychain at a YARD SALE? Well then, you deserve whatever karma comes to bite you…

Beavis keychain SOLD for $0.50!

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