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30-45 Minute Quick Workout of the Day

I used to think if I didn’t have 1 hour or more, it wasn’t worth working out. This was years ago. I feel a lot more differently about this now, and since working in the fitness industry, I have seen first-hand that even just 30 minutes a day will give you that mental and physical boost we all strive for from our exercises routines. IT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Even if I only have 20 minutes to devote to working out, I will always choose that 20 minutes over 0 minutes.

Here is what I did at the gym the other day when I didn’t have a lot of time, and it didn’t take much over 45 minutes. Emphasis on legs, back, and core. You can scale back the # of sets (but try to do a minimum of 2), and the # of reps depending on how much time you have. Enjoy!!

15 Minutes of CARDIO: Stair Stepper Machine set at 100 steps a minute (or whatever challenges you best)

I am a fan of the stair steppers that look like these

20 minutes of STRENGTH:

[Superset #1, repeat 3x]

  • 15 reps seated cable back rows, 40 lbs
  • 15 reps prone hamstring curl machine, 40 lbs

Seated Cable Back Rows

Prone Hamstring Curl Machine

[Superset #2, repeat 3x]

  • 10 reps of assisted pull-ups, set at your appropriate assist depending on your current weight & strength
  • 30 reps squats, no weights

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

10 minutes of CORE STRENGTH:

[Do all four exercises, repeat 2x]

  • plank with medicine ball touches, 20 with each hand
  • russian twists with 6 lb medicine ball, 20 twists on each side
  • supine scissors, 15 criss-crosses
  • v-ups with 6 lb medicine ball, 15 times

I hope the pictures helped you understand what machines I’m referring to. Please feel free to ask me any questions about various exercises and form, etc. But most importantly remember, it doesn’t matter how much time you have, just get out there and do what you can – your body will always thank you for it!

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