Another Monday Video – Baby & Vacuum

Got this from The Daily What, LOVE IT! Makes me smile. This baby can’t get over how funny the vacuum is. It kind of reminds me of my dog Bella, except Bella is scared to death of the vacuum.


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13 thoughts on “Another Monday Video – Baby & Vacuum

  1. We all watched this at mine (huddled around the ‘poota). Gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Laughing baby videos are SO cute, I love to watch them! And they really do make you…LOL!

    My son used to love the vacuum when he was that age. He would make the vacuum noise and follow me around the entire time I vacuumed. ha!

  3. Hilarious, 🙂 its always great to see what little kids laugh at and something tells me this little one will grow up with a love of vacuuming, ha ha!!!

  4. Shonnie says:

    That is so funny!

  5. Funny! This clip reminded me of my own little boy’s vacuum cleaner delight years back, now it’s a frozen moment in my mind, very amusing, so puppy-like!

  6. Zohreen says:

    what a cutie pie!

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