Music is Powerful

Love this story about how the effect music can have on one’s soul…enjoy, my friends!

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

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20 thoughts on “Music is Powerful

  1. It’s such a moving video on the incredible power of music in our lives! I love the reactions/memories of the folk in the home, and the obvious joy they experience. Something we can’t take for granted in our (younger years,) to get up & be moved to dance or sing and enjoy those moments whilst we still can 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me to enjoy each day!

  2. In all seriousness—I’ve thought about this a lot—I’m going to look like a total idiot when I’m 80 jumping around when Smells Like Teen Spirit or Enter Sandman is played…

  3. I’ll probably break a hip.

  4. Mambo – Oliver Sacks (featured in your fab’ clip) is a most wonderful author. Check out his book on Musicophilia – “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain”. It’s fascinating.

  5. Zohreen says:

    Oliver Sacks…cool! He wrote a book called ‘man who mistook his wife for a hat’ – he has such terrible facial recognition that he once mistook his wife for…a hat!

  6. What a beautiful story. I like how he started singing. So amazing.

  7. Robin says:

    I absolutely loved this clip – it brought tears to my eyes. Music holds such precious memories for everyone. As a little girl, I would go to nursing homes with my Nana, who would sing for the residents while I would dance.

    • Robin, that is beautiful, I wish I could see a clip of you two doing that. It’s so important to remember to take time out of our busy lives to make a difference like that in somebody else’s. Love you!

  8. eof737 says:

    And lots of research to back you up. Yes! 🙂

  9. pixilated2 says:

    How awesome, I’m sharing this! . Glad I went mining on your site tonight. 😉
    ~ Lynda

  10. […] Beautiful Piece: Music is Powerful (this video and its message has my heart – I love […]

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