I Feel Big

“When I look up at the night sky, and I know that, yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up – many people feel small, because they’re small and the universe is big – but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity and that’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected! You want to feel relevant, you want to feel like you’re a participant in the goings on of activities and events around you – and that’s precisely what we are, just by being alive.”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

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3 thoughts on “I Feel Big

  1. It’s pretty humbling because humanity is just a speck in the universe but the impact we can have on our immediate selves and the universe is quite profound if we want, whether big or small šŸ™‚

  2. mountainmae says:

    Is it like the glass half full…? I feel big also when I watch clouds or spend time with the night sky- still I am glad to know I am not the only one.

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