Food & Shopping in Paris…(just the beginning)

La Maison Blanche (right by the Seine) after our engagement! Seriously, THE BEST escargots I’ve ever eaten- they definitely use a different kind of snail here in Paris!

Happy Cappucino

La Gourmandise (my favorite pastry so far!!) from Paul’s Patisserie

Le Bon Marche

Crazy Nina Ricci mini-exhibit at Le Bon Marche

Eric Kayser for the pain au chocolat (I finished it before I even thought to take a pic!! Lol)

Got tons of goodies from Etam Lingerie- highly recommend this shop! Very cute designs at an affordable rate!!

More later…!

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4 thoughts on “Food & Shopping in Paris…(just the beginning)

  1. Zohreen says:


  2. lostupabove says:

    The best escargots you will find in Burgundy, not those small ones, but fat and juicy snails. I would really like a dozen of them, thinking of it, and then not be able to speak to someone if less than 3 metres away.

    • Mambo says:

      I loved these small snails, BUT, your news is great news because we are heading to Burgundy on Saturday!! Yippee- let me know if you recommend going anywhere in particular for them…!

  3. Shonnie says:

    OMG! I totally hate you. 😉 That food looks so good! Pairis — oh to die for!

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