Lavender, Peppers, and Caterpillars

Does anyone have advice on planting lavender? My friend gave me a packet of lavender seeds a few months ago, I planted them in a small pot, and only one has been growing…if you can even call it “growing” (see picture below). I have no experience in planting lavender, I live in West Los Angeles where the temperature is pretty consistent and we don’t get much rain, and I’m wondering what I can do to help this little guy grow bigger. Any tips are welcomed!

On the other hand, I threw some seeds from an orange bell pepper I was cooking with into a pot, and lo’ and behold I’ve got some sprouts! I loooooove orange bell peppers, so I’m hoping these continue to grow big and strong!

Did you guys notice that little guy there in the pot? He’s adorable.

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14 thoughts on “Lavender, Peppers, and Caterpillars

  1. Sydney Jones says:

    Given a sunny, well-drained site, lavender will thrive in dry, poor soil and even self-seed. If you give it an annual top dressing of compost and occasional watering during very dry spells, avoid overfeeding with high-nitrogen fertilizers or rich manures. Follow the spacing recommendations on the plant tag (some lavenders spread up to 1 metre in diameter).

    The little green guy is super cute šŸ™‚ such a vibrant green! He looks transparent almost.

    • Thank you so much!! These tips are super helpful, I may have been watering the lavender a little too much, so I will adjust accordingly. I agree about the caterpillar – I was actually surprised on how transparent he looked once zoomed in on.

  2. Not s great with the green thumb, but I do enjoy a good lavender shortbread! Hope you get these babies growing soon šŸ™‚

  3. Zohreen says:

    Lovely pic of the caterpillar! Love the contrast of color with the green against the dirt.

  4. Sharon says:

    Don’t worry about the slow growth on the lavender. Perennial herbs grow more slowly than annual vegetables like peppers. But they’ll be around a lot longer, too!

    • Oh good! That makes me feel better. I was happy that at least one survived, and wanted to make sure I continue to foster its growth. Thanks for the info! (haha, can you tell Iā€™m not very experienced at this? :-))

  5. I’ve never planted lavender from seed, only by little baby plants. However, I do know that if you plant them in the ground, once they start growing they grow like weeds! lol

  6. lostupabove says:

    I would like to add that in order to keep your lavender in a good shape you should cut back most of the flowers (or all, but then it won’t seed itself) once it has stopped flowering. Do not cut too deep in old wood, but deep enough to keep your plant compact. It will live longer treated this way than without pruning. It is also the way they cultivate it in the south of France to produce lavender oil, (They almost cut it to the ground each year, but that is agriculture, not ornamental gardening). in the wild the plants are grazed by goats and sheep, pruning mimics this. Never water (unless in the beginning to help it establish), never fertilize.

    • Thank you Steph, I think my biggest mistake has been watering the plants too much, which is probably why all but one seedling died. I will keep in mind about the pruning once I get to that point, and if I do, I’ll be sure to post again so you guys can share in my first lavender success story!!

  7. This last photo made me so very happy! Also I live in the same part of the globe as you but, I can give you no plant advice… because I kill all plants. But good luck to you!

    • Yes, I love Mr. Caterpillar dude, although I’m sure he is eating hole in the leaves of my pepper plant. I will never get rid of him!! Thanks for the encouragement, I’m trying desperately to develop my green thumb skills šŸ™‚

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