Lose My Way – Laura J. Evans

I know her! I know her!

Here is a new song from the very talented Laura J. Evans from Wales… there’s no video (although I’m posting the video), but there is a very pretty picture to look at while you listen. The only album she has out thus far is from her Smiling Sinners band, but I’m looking forward to more tracks and show in Los Angeles!!


I’m so blinded by the way you look at me
So intricately pure
And it’s amazing how the world can tell
You’re all that I adore
Can’t be held accountable for how I am
When he’s the only touch I can feel
Maybe I should turn away, just up and leave
When nothing around my appears to be real and…

I lose my way
Every time I get my head on straight
I’m only trying to compensate for love

Listen to my heart and I swear you’ll hear
The whispers of my soul
It’s so different when you’re next to me
I swear I can’t let go
You have this way about you constantly
You make every moment stand still
Sometimes I feel the earth beneath us
Spin out of control, and…


We’ll protect each other when this world comes crashing down
I’ll keep wandering through this maze, ’til there’s no chance
Of being found


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