A Parody of “Yoga by Equinox”


So I posted an awesome video a couple week ago called “Yoga by Equinox” that features that super awesome Briohny Smith going through a beautiful yoga sequence. Check out the post HERE if you haven’t yet seen that video! (And yes, like I briefly mention in the post, many people criticized this video for overly sexual and exploitative toward women…I don’t agree, but you can pass your own judgement on this topic…)

Anyway, whether you like the video or not, I think everyone can enjoy this parody video done by Michael A. Stusser, of “The Dead Guy Interviews”. I think this is what most people feel like while doing yoga, and to be honest, he’s pretty good too! Check it out:

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2 thoughts on “A Parody of “Yoga by Equinox”

  1. I was actually surprised that he could do some of those moves…Ha! I didn’t find the Equinox yoga video inappropriate at all. Are you kidding me? She’s strong and gorgeous and not some ridiculously stick thin model walking down a runway in emaciated in her underwear that truly exploits women and young girls.

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