Inspiration Silverlake and the De-Flowering of My Crockpot

Yay!! A beautifully confusing, but beautiful day. These days the mornings are absolutely freezing (aka 45 degrees) and the afternoons are scorchingly hot (aka 78 degrees), and I bring an entire selection of a tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, jacket, gloves, and headband, just so that I’m prepared for weather changes while training clients. This morning was stunningly beautiful in Silverlake, and my reservoir run was refreshing as usual. I took some pictures of Silverlake, as well as the Silverlake version of “Santa Monica Stairs” – these sets of stairs can be found all over (totally randomly placed) the neighborhoods by the reservoir. It’s a very fun thing to explore!

…going up…

…going down…

Totally inspired by Silverlake.

I know I’ve written about Silverlake already, but I honestly have a thing for the place. I know it is known for its “hipsters” and whatnot, and to be honest, I have no idea what the people are like because there are pretty much only two people in Silverlake I know and regularly converse with. It’s the land, the nature, the aura that I absolutely have a crush on. I don’t care what anyone says – Silverlake is beautiful. The layered streets of cool, unique houses…the array of foliage interspersed between homes, the reservoir, the cool shops and restaurants that are staggered around town, the hidden runnable stairs waiting to be discovered, the flocks of geese flying overhead (this happened today and made me SO happy!!), and numerous other things that seem just so specific to that particular part of Los Angeles. When I am there, I feel happy, and motivated, and I could run forever outdoors, then drink a bottomless amount of Lamill’s Masala Chai Tea Latte afterwards. Ahhh.

Speaking of Lamill’s. I have now experienced the “Lamill’s Breakfast” (with sausage & baguette), as well as the cappuccino. Both very delicious. However, my favorite will still be the chai tea and the omelet (with gruyere cheese – the BEST!).

De-Flowering My Crockpot.

This happened last night. Ok, so maybe this statement isn’t completely accurate – this Crockpot was used once before. In fact, my boyfriend bought it for his sister when she came to town and wanted to make chicken + dumplings, so it’s not even really mine to claim! But that was at least 4 years ago…and now I’ve determined it’s mine, and I better start figuring out some recipes to use on that thing. Or in it, rather.

On Pinterest (c’mon, you know you’re obsessed with that site as much as I am) I found a recipe & blog that I adore. 365 Days of Slow Cooking. Pretty damn cool blog if you ask me, especially for someone who needed a good recipe to break in her new-ish slow cooker. Remember when I said I had a soft spot for a good soup? Well I wasn’t lying…this recipe is THE BOMB:

TOMATO-BASIL PARMESAN SOUP (via 365 Days of Slow Cooking)

It turned out phenomenal!! The only things I did slightly different were that I only slow cooked for 4.5 hours, then prepared the roux, and continued cooking for about 45 minutes after that. I used dried oregano, and fresh basil. And everything else I stuck by the book on, and it was excellent. Oh, I also served with several pieces of buttered multi-grain toast.


Starting the Roux…this was such a fun task! I love this part, whisking away…

Not the best picture, but it IS delicious. I promise.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Silverlake and the De-Flowering of My Crockpot

  1. Thanks so much for blogging this!!! I love that soup too. It is one of the best soups ever!

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